Reference Cables “QU4TTRO”

multicore cable for guitar

Good news regarding connections for electric guitar from Reference Cables!

I am glad to be the spokesman on this new solution for connecting pedalboard, amplifier and guitar: in the past I had shared with Reference Cables  some ideas in order to optimize this kind of connections and now, with the new year just begun, dreams came to reality with the new multicore cable “QU4TTRO”!

Photo by Egidio Vergani

With just one snake it is possible to have three unbalanced audio lines akin to RIC01 cable (which is the one I’m relying on from a long time both as live and studio standard connection) and one control line which can be customized to be a Midi or amp switching (plus dc supply) connection.

“Qu4ttro” gives the opportunity to be very quick in connecting equipment during load in and its reliability  and sturdiness will guarantee years of great sound: as a matter of fact Reference Cables always takes care both for audio quality and cable assembly.

Therefore, as this snake is heavier than common cables that a guitar player is used to have, it is important to take this feature into account and thus anchor or tether (velcro or gaffa tape could be the solution) the part of the snake reaching for the amplifier, in order to avoid choking or weakening the terminal connections (see photos below).

The colouring of the sheath is also peculiar as, with its hint of blue, it is  possible to identify the cable even in a very dark environment: so, should be the load out procedure to be dealt with poor lighting conditions, it will always be easy to fulfill the task.

Let me conclude by saying that I was really impressed by the audio quality of this multicore cable; timbre and dynamics are outstanding! Sure enough its build and manufacture, keeping every single conductor firm and stable, guarantee high standard both for frequency response and signal to noise ratio (as well as EMI rejection)!!!

Steve Angarthal