Mi-Si Acoustic Trio system

Introducing Mi-Si Acoustic Trio system featuring LR Baggs piezo pickup: it was introduced to me by Fabio Molinelli when we were planning the details for my custom acoustic solid body guitar.

Electronics and woods play an important role in determining the way a guitar will sound and this case was a very good one! I love the way the Mi-Si interacts with the natural characteristics of this guitar!

The audio recording for this video was done with: Reference Cables RIC 01 A (unbalanced cable for acoustic instruments), RMC S01 microphone cable, Reference passive DI box, TC Electronic Konnekt 24D audio card, Presonus Studio One 4 Daw.

Guitars in this video have been very slightly equalized (they are actually close to flat..), have no compression and a touch of reverb.

Thanks to Music Gallery for its technical support with Mi-Si device.

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