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Angarthal: Uranus And Gaia

Italian guitarist Steve Angarthal (Fire Trails, Dragon’s Cave) looks after not only the guitar but also the vocals and the majority of bass and keyboards on his new project Angarthai and the album Uranus And GaiaUranus And Gaia includes songs that were inspired by Greek and Celtic mythology and biblical symbolism, and music wise that inspiration comes from rock, metal and classical music. I do have to question as to whether it was the best decision for Steve Angarthal to take on the vocals, as Uranus And Gaia would have benefited if he had handed the vocal duties over to someone more suited, this is the one area where I just find Uranus And Gaia to be lacking. Others may very well find that appeal but while the vocals are best summed up as satisfactory they aren’t up to the same level as the musical component. So then I don’t have any such issues with the musicianship throughout this album and the striking instrumentals are where I found the most appeal as “Leviathan Rising”, “Miles In The Desert” and the vibrant “Wielders Of Magic” with its acoustic touches that work so well with the heavier input. They showcase what a talented and adaptable guitarist Steve really is not to mention his skills as a composer if only there were more of these then my score would be more of a reflection on how good they truly are. In closing if you appreciate the work of a great guitarist as Steve Angarthal sure is that, then maybe you should give the album a go as Uranus And Gaia may very well click for you where it hasn’t for me.

Track Listing
1. Punch
2. Uranus And Gaia
3. Morrigan
4. Sailing At The End Of The World
5. Leviathan Rising
6. Holy Grail
7. Miles In The Desert
8. Unbroken
9. The Abyss Of Death
10. Wielders Of Magic
11. A Lie
12. After The Rainproof
13. Losing My Direction

Added: July 3rd 2016
Reviewer: Scott Jessup