House of Prog

Angarthal is featured in Dj Morgana’s playlist on WEDNESDAY August 31st!
Dj Morgana presents: “Even more madness at the Metal Madhouse” with Arianna Pernigoni
3pm ET/ 9pm CET/ 8pm UK on #HouseofProg
►LISTEN ► ( chatroom/players )
Here’s the awesome playlist

Anthrax – “Madhouse”
Arch Enemy– “Graveyard of Dreams”, “Stolen Life”
Axel Rudi Pell – “‘Till the World Says Goodbye”
blink-182 – “She’s Out of Her Mind”
Dream Theater – “The Count of Tuscany”
Rage – “All This Time”
Sieges Even – “Sequence IV: Stigmata”
Nergard – “When All I Want is You”
Amon Amarth – “On a Sea of Blood”
Dimmu Borgir – “The Invaluable Darkness”
Mark Claytor – “High Mass”
Iron Maiden – “The Prisoner”
Iron Savior – “The Savior”
Leprous – “Moon”
Opeth – “Bleak”
Savatage -“Hall of the Mountain King”
Serious Black – “You’re Not Alone”
The Rumjacks – “One Summer’s Day”
Blind Guardian – “The Curse of Feanor”
Kissin’ Dynamite – “God in You”
Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Forget About The Blame”
Dropkick Murphys – “Rose Tattoo”
Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
Steve Angarthal – “The Abyss of Death”
RUSH – “The Pass”
The Clan – “Irish Sky”
Scar Symmetry – “Limits to Infinity”
The Virus – “Steamer”
DESPITE – “Triage”, “Chaos Trigger”
AC/DC – “Play Ball”

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