Bye Bye Blues

Band : Angarthal

Titolo : Bye Bye Blues

Release Date : 10/01/2020

Label : Asgardh Music

Format : Digital Download

The journey in Rock Blues territory which guitar player and singer Steve Angarthal has set for his solo project  Angarthal goes on with the release of  the single “Bye Bye Blues”.

To be released on 10th January 2020 by label Asgardh Music, the song is part of a few summer recording sessions  with the new line up: still on board is bass player Angelo Perini, drums are now under young talented Jody Brioschi and Hammond parts are again in Larsen Premoli hands!

This tune is released while waiting for the upcoming new Heavy Rock chapter planned for spring 2020. It sets itself as a window on a musical genre belonging to many artists and which,  in the case of Steve Angarthal, has also been brought live with the show “From Mississippi to Thames”; a musical journey through the evolution of the Blues from its early stages up to the 70’s British  scene.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at RecLab Studios by Larsen Premoli and Steve Angarthal

Music and Lyrics by Steve Angarthal

Illustration by Gianni Corrado – 8460

Band line-up

Steve Angarthal – Vocals and Guitars

Angelo Perini – Bass

Larsen Premoli – Organ and Percussions

Jody Brioschi – Drums