Angarthal is the new metal project by guitar virtuoso Steve Angarthal (Fire Trails, Dragon’s Cave,Pino Scotto). Featuring Luca Saja (Dragon’s Cave) on drums and guests drummer Sergio Pescara (Groovydo), Angelo Perini (early bass player of Fire Trails) on bass and keyboardist Mauri Belluzzo (Alchemy Divine), the band’s debut album ‘Uranus And Gaia’ perfectly mixes epic metal melodies and progressive structures, flamboyant guitar parts and a strong Seventies Hard Rock feeling, with Steve taking on multiple roles as main composer and singer along with guitar duties.

‘Uranus And Gaia’ has been released on April 2016 by indie label Asgardh Music and marketed by Bakerteam Records.
The album takes the listener on an epic journey through Greek mythology (‘Sailing At The End Of The World’, ‘Uranus And Gaia’) and Celtic mythology (‘Morrigan’, ‘Holy Grail’), biblical symbolism (‘Leviathan Rising’ and ‘Miles In The Desert’), and fantasy literature (‘Wielders Of Magic’ and ‘The Abyss Of Death’ are inspired by the novel ‘The Sword Of Shannara’), including a tribute to Ronnie James Dio (‘Unbroken’), classic metal tunes (‘Punch’, ‘A Lie’ and ‘After The Rain’) and a beautiful acoustic ballad (‘Losing My Direction’).

Steve’s musical influences come from Rock and Metal but also Classical Music and with this project he can finally combine powerful tunes and an addictive rhythm section with orchestral arrangements.

Recording artists on Uranus and Gaia:
Steve Angarthal – guitars, vocals, bass and keyboards
Luca Saja – drums
Angelo Perini – bass on “Miles in the desert”
Mauri Belluzzo – keyboards on “Leviathan rising”
Sergio Pescara –drums on “Wielders of magic”


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